Starbucks beats McDonald’s in coffee wars

McDonald’s was supposed to crush Starbucks in the premium coffee business when the world’s largest restaurant chain introduced a line of premium java more than a year ago. It turns out that McDonald’s impressive start as competition to Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, and other specialty coffee retailers has begun to flag. New research shows the momentum in terms of store traffic patterns has turned in Starbucks’ direction and it is likely that the trend will continue.

New research done in September by ChangeWave shows that those surveyed were 5% more likely to buy coffee from Starbucks in the upcoming 90 days than in the 90 days just past. The figure for McDonald’s was down 3%. Starbucks almost made gains in the previous survey. The research confirms what Wall St. has suspected that the coffee store chain is doing well. Its shares are over $20, near a 52-week high and up from a period low of $7.06.

From MoneyBlog Top Stocks


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