Caffeine Trivia 8.01.11

This was the post that started Caffeine Chronicles for me.  Originally posted on July 27, 2007 – I found it and it brought back wonderful memories that I decided to re-share.  I hope you enjoy!

Aaaah…The Sweet Smell of Coffee! – I admit it, I love coffee.  I love everything about it.  I love the smell of fresh roasted beans. I love the smell of fresh gound coffee.  I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.  And most importantly for me, I love the taste of a good of a good cup of coffee.  It can be a plain ole cup ‘o joe, a fancy schamzy cafe latte or my all-time favorite…a down and dirty double espresso.

It’s funny, but a lot people have fond memories of events, occasions or gatherings…I have them too, but I also have fond memories that recall a great cup of coffee with family, friends and business associates.

I recently returned from a wonderful business trip/vacation in Spain.  Loved the country.  Loved the people.  Loved the art and architecture.  Hated the coffee!  I was there 16 days and never once had a good cup of coffee, much less espresso.  Even with a Starbucks on  nearly every corner, I was truly disappointed with the coffee in the homeland of my family.

Speaking of Starbucks in Spain…who knew that Madrid was Starbucks obessed?  My vacation hotel (Preciosos) was an incredible location, suggested by my friend Lynda.  Less than one block away was a Starbucks.  Within a four block radius, another 3!!  Heaven yes (a touch of home) but disappointment loomed with my very first sip of Cafe Latte.  I missed the rich, strong taste of espresso that I have come to expect and love from “My Starbucks”.  But never to be deterred, I set out on a mission to find my caffeine fix.




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