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Happy Halloween


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Caffeine Trivia 10.05.11

In the 1950s, the average price for a cup of coffee was 10 cents with some places still selling a cup for as low as 5 cents. And that included the refills. The typical place to buy a cup of coffee was either a coffee shop or a roadside diner. Although a penny bought a lot more in the 1950s than in the 1650s, ten cents for a cup of coffee was not all that more expensive than in the popular coffee houses of England during the 17th century. Coffee houses in England flourished during the 17th and 18th century as common gathering places for the learned and educated (and the common folks too) and were called “penny universities” with a penny being the price for a cup of coffee.

Personal note: Who would have ever dreamed that we would voluntarily stand in lines to pay a whole lot more for Starbucks coffee?  Anyone else out there upset when Starbucks was no longer available at the rest stops on the Florida Turnpike?

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