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Caffeine Trivia 12.25.11

Merry Christmas to all my Caffeine Chronicles Readers.

Join Santa Claus in a great big, hot cup of coffee.

Best wishes to all.


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Caffeine Trivia 12.24.11

Great Uses for Coffee Beans:

  • Coffee beans can be used to get rid of food preparation smells from your hands. Just put them in your hand and rub the palms together, for a few seconds.
  • If your refrigerator smells too much of the food kept in there, place a bowl, filled with some coffee beans, inside it.
  • In absence of a mouth freshener, simply suck on a coffee bean. It will make your breath fresh and clean, in a matter of minutes.
  • Coffee beans can be used for dying paper. Put some coffee beans in a cup of hot water. After a few seconds, use the water to dye paper.
  • Coarsely grind coffee beans. Now, wet your face and use the grounds to scrub your face. Ground coffee is good for exfoliating purposes.
  • You can add ground coffee beans to the plant pots in your house. It will help keep flies and other mites at bay and also improve the quality of the soil. However, do not use in excess.
  • Coarsely ground coffee beans have been found to be very effective for cleaning greasy pans.
  • To keep your kitty away from your garden, sprinkle coffee grounds, mixed with orange peels, around the plants.
  • Tossing wet coffee grounds over the ashes in the fireplace can help keep the ash dust under control. Thereafter, you can proceed to clean the fireplace.

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Adventures in Caffeine – December 19th

I have had my new Keurig Coffee maker for two weeks now…an early Christmas present that my little four-legged guy opened for me.  He just couldn’t resist ripping the wrapping open and of course…I didn’t discourage him.  It was too much fun just watching him.


What an adventure this has been…number one, learning to use and deal with one cup at a time…but after I adjusted, I find that I now love it.  The first day I tried 5 different new and intriguing flavors and strengths.  But I have graduated and I am now grinding my own beans and brewing and I am also making my own mixes and blends.  This morning it was a cup of Cinnamon infused followed by Vanilla infused brew.

I’m also discovering that I like to use a wide variety of coffee cups and mugs…from playful and whimsical to thoughtful and once in a while graceful and elegant…the blend and the strength dictate which cup or mug I choose.  As crazy as it may sound to someone not as obsessed with caffeine as I, it really enhances the enjoyment of each and every cup.


Strong…Bold…Dark…that would describe the brews I drink from the mugs above…they make me smile & start my day off!

Starbucks French Roast…smooth…mellow…relaxing…a china coffee pot and cups…aahh – the wide brim of the cup allows the aroma to be enjoyed to the max….after dinner, with friends…Sunday morning on my patio watching the sun come up…life is good!

The adventure continues….


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Caffeine Trivia 12.16.11

If you enjoy iced coffee, you must try this tip! Instead of putting ice cubes in your coffee, brew a fresh pot of coffee, let cool to about room temperature and then pour the coffee into some ice trays. Freeze, and now you have frozen coffee cubes! Now, when the cubes melt, your coffee will not become weaker and weaker.

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Caffeine Trivia 12.15.11

Just a little nostalgia….the best cup of coffee I have ever had:

Café crème at the Eiffel Tower…it was served in a large cup with hot cream…no sugar, but it was rich and sweet.  I had that cup of Café crème back in May 2007 and still to this day, remember it as the best cup of coffee I have had anywhere in the world.  Café crème, Paris, the Eiffel Tower…what a combination!  Thank you to my friend Lynda Fernandez for making the trek up to the top of the tower with me.

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My Caffeine Christmas…ahead of schedule!

A very dear friend, Matey, delivered some beautifully wrapped Christmas presents early.  Danger…Danger…Danger!  Why?  I am worse than a five year old kid when it comes to presents.  I shake them. I smell them.  I try to have x-ray eyes and see through the wrapping.  I can’t seem to resist the urge to peel up the scotch tape to gain a peak at surprise inside.  These early Christmas gifts were no exception…except it wasn’t me that opened the gifts…it was my sweet little guy.  My five pound Malti-Poo Dante…he did it…he ripped the wrapping paper.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Dante did it! I promise…it wasn’t…my dog did it!


This was a gift custom-made for a Caffeine Crazy Girl like me – Thank You doesn’t even come close to saying it!


My Dante was so excited by the box…I was so excited by the contents: a Keurig Coffee Maker…fair trade!

As you can see, I couldn’t resist using my incredible and early Christmas present…I am calling this early preview my 20 days of Caffeine Christmas.  I have already tried the French Vanilla, Emeril’s Big Easy Bold, Wolfgang Puck French Roast, Green Mountain Kona, Caibou Mahogany…but far and away, my Number One choice has been the Starbucks French Roast…this weekend I will be trying my own special grind of 100% Kona Coffee Beans that I just brought back from my vacation in Hawaii…I can almost taste it now! Aloha

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