Adventures in Caffeine – December 19th

I have had my new Keurig Coffee maker for two weeks now…an early Christmas present that my little four-legged guy opened for me.  He just couldn’t resist ripping the wrapping open and of course…I didn’t discourage him.  It was too much fun just watching him.


What an adventure this has been…number one, learning to use and deal with one cup at a time…but after I adjusted, I find that I now love it.  The first day I tried 5 different new and intriguing flavors and strengths.  But I have graduated and I am now grinding my own beans and brewing and I am also making my own mixes and blends.  This morning it was a cup of Cinnamon infused followed by Vanilla infused brew.

I’m also discovering that I like to use a wide variety of coffee cups and mugs…from playful and whimsical to thoughtful and once in a while graceful and elegant…the blend and the strength dictate which cup or mug I choose.  As crazy as it may sound to someone not as obsessed with caffeine as I, it really enhances the enjoyment of each and every cup.


Strong…Bold…Dark…that would describe the brews I drink from the mugs above…they make me smile & start my day off!

Starbucks French Roast…smooth…mellow…relaxing…a china coffee pot and cups…aahh – the wide brim of the cup allows the aroma to be enjoyed to the max….after dinner, with friends…Sunday morning on my patio watching the sun come up…life is good!

The adventure continues….



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2 responses to “Adventures in Caffeine – December 19th

  1. MTM

    I am so happy you are enjoying it,

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