Caffeine Trivia 05.22.12

The aromas in coffee develop at the 10th minute of roasting.



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2 responses to “Caffeine Trivia 05.22.12

  1. How long does it take to roast coffee?

  2. Gas or Convection Oven Roasting:
    If you have a good quality gas oven or a high temperature convection oven (that heats to at least 450 oF), you can roast coffee in larger quantities in a few simple steps. Oven roasting usually produces a somewhat uneven roast because there is very little air flow, but the taste can be rich and complex for this very reason. You will need a flat baking pan that has been perforated with many small holes that are close together and a raised lip. You can find such a pan at many gourmet kitchen supply stores, or you can make one with a sturdy baking sheet an a power drill with a 1/8” metal bit. Holes should be spaced about 1/2” apart and small enough so the beans do not fall through.
    1: Preheat oven to 500- 540 oF. Put the green coffee in pan so the beans are one layer deep and close together, and covering the entire surface of the pan. Place the pan on the middle oven shelf.
    2: Roast for 15 to 20 minutes, or until desired roast is reached. If roast takes longer than 20 minutes, you should roast at a higher temperature. Every oven is different, so it may take several batches to achieve the best results. By taking notes, you should be able to duplicate these results every time.
    3: Once the beans are roasted to your satisfaction, immediately remove from heat and pour into a large metal colander to cool. Toss or stir the beans to remove excess chaff and speed the cooling process.

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