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Caffeine Trivia 12.03.12

SOLUBLE (INSTANT) COFFEE METHOD: Soluble or “instant” coffee was invented in 1901 by Japanese-American chemist Satori Kato of Chicago but was not marketed commercially until the launch of Nescafe in 1938. Since then the quality and diversity have grown dramatically. Soluble coffee has a number of advantages over fresh brewed coffee, including ease and convenience. It stays fresher longer, it is hard to damage the flavour and most of all it is fast, relatively inexpensive and clean. Soluble coffee is manufactured, just like any other coffee, from ground beans. The first stage involves the preparation of a coffee concentrate from which the water is removed, either by heat, known as spray dried, or by freezing, to produce a soluble powder or granules. During the process of dehydration, the coffee essences may be lost, but these are captured and returned to the processed coffee.


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