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Ground to Ground

growing coffee plant

Your 7 Step Guide to Growing Coffee at Home

Although from a tropical origin, coffee plants can be grown at home with some patience and the right environment. The green beans harvested will have a longer shelf-life than the store bought version, and allow you to roast and drink on demand. Here is my seven step guide to cultivating your very own magic green beans…

Step 1: Choosing the right species
Normal drinking coffee is usually made from beans harvested from the two most common coffee species; Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta. Overall Coffea arabica is the most suitable type for at-home cultivation with a smaller, bush like stature and the ability to self-fertilise.

Step 2: Selecting high yield beans
Coffee beans have a low success rate of germination and therefore need to be sourced as fresh as is possible. With the unlikely chance of finding a coffee plantation…

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