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Caffeine Trivia 03.20.13

England. 1650. Oxford University. The first coffeehouse opened followed two years  later by the opening in London of a coffeehouse by Pasqua Rose’e.  Pasqua Rose’e  ran the first coffee advertisement and made some pretty incredible claims: coffee  would aid digestion, cure headaches, coughs, consumption, gout, scurvy and even  prevent miscarriages.  He also wrote that coffee would prevent drowsiness and  make you prepared for business – he warned not to drink after supper unless you  intend to be “watchful” – it will hinder sleep for three to four hours.

Personal Note: Can you say “Decaf”?


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Do you take palm trees in your coffee? Or just cream?

palm coffeeThis cup of coffee looks custom brewed for Miami              
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