It’s Not About the Coffee (reposted from 10.23.2008)

On many previous occassions, I have written about my love for not only coffee, but for the written word – I love reading books.  While I fully use the internet for just about everything possible, I still buy books – that’s right…I still buy books…off and have them delivered to my office.  I so look forward to receiving that brown cardboard box with it’s treasures, I can hardly wait to open it and begin reading my latest purchases.

As a real estate trainer and instructor, I am in front of rooms of real estate agents, many of them under a lot of pressure today to keep their business running during tough economic times.  I congratulate them for taking the time “on their own dime” to get better educated and prepare themselves for today’s market. I also take the opportunity to share with them my latest reading treasure(s) – I bring along a copy of my book for them to peruse on their breaks, but more importantly, I call their attention to how this particular book offers insights that transcend to their business.

I am delighted with the response to my latest “treasure” – Howard Behar’s It’s Not About the Coffee – 10 Principles of  Personal Leadership from a Life at Starbucks.  These 10 principles apply to us all and judging from the feedback from some of my students, is very relevant to our real estate business or any business for that matter. Do yourself a big favor, get a copy of this treasure for yourself.


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