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Caffeine Trivia 05.26.13

Remove strong odors from hands: If your hands smell of garlic, fish or other strong foods you’ve been handling, a few coffee beans may be all you need to get rid of the odor. Put the beans in your hands and rub them together – the oil released from the coffee beans will absorb the foul smell. When the odor is gone, wash your hands in warm, soapy water.  Coffee beans…they’re not just for grinding and brewing!!


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Thanks a Latte

Thanks a LatteAs a real estate instructor and trainer I am often in front of some of the best and brightest in our industry.  I also am in the position to hear some of the best and most innovative marketing that today’s REALTORs are using to stand out from the crowd.   I am often the receipient of many of the “samples” of these marketing pieces and I have to share with you that some of them are truly in the memorable category.

Through this blog vehicle, I have received some of your marketing ideas that share our obession with coffee and most specifically, Starbucks.  Your customers also have an addiction for Starbucks and many of you have shared that when you receive referrals from your previous or current customers that you show your appreciation with a Starbucks Gift Card or Coffee Bean Gift Pack….I call that “Thanks a Latte”.  I heard a twist on that in one of my classes last week.  This REALTOR sent a Starbucks Coffee Gift Pack to his small but fervent group of stark raving fans, reminding them that he and his marketing techiniques are “Not the Same Old Grind”.  This was a gentle reminder that he was available for them and their family and friends, no matter what their real estate needs might be.  Every day, as they make and then drink the coffee, they are reminded of him.

Do any of you utilize marketing techiniques that capitalize on our love of caffeine?  Or any other unique marketing techniques that you don’t mind sharing with our reading audience?  I’m off for another cup…have a great day.

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