Caffeine Trivia 10.16.13

How do you drink your coffee?

Moroccans like peppercorns with their coffeeAustrians prefer whip cream in their coffeeMexicans often use cinnamon in their coffeeEgyptians like straight, strong coffee but will sweeten it at weddings.  Middle Eastern coffee drinkers like to add spices such as cardamom.  Italians prefer sugar in their espressoSwiss and Germans add hot chocolate to their coffeeBelgians also like chocolate in their coffeeTurkey and Greece serve their elders coffee before all others.  Ethiopians like a pinch of salt in their coffee.  Ugandans wrap green coffee beans with spices and sweet grasses and hang these decorations/talismans in their homes.  Bedouins serve coffee with ginger or cardamom and say to their guest “Allah wa sablan” (”My home is your home”).  Yugoslavians have small coffee shops called kafano where you will be served coffee in a long-handled open pot called a devza, or cezv (known as an Ibrik in Turkey). The coffee is then poured into a small cup similar to a demitasse.


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