Caffeine Trivia 11.22.13

sizesHere’s the rundown on serving sizes at Starbucks:

Short: 8 oz. The smallest size Starbucks offers, but you’ll probably only get this size if you ask for it by name; anyone asking for a “small” will get a Tall, which is the smallest size for which the prices are actually on the menu. Only hot drinks can be served in the Short size.

Tall: 12 oz. This is what you’ll get if you ask for a “small” drink.

Grande: 16 oz. This is the “medium” size. Pronounced “GRAWN-day.”

Venti: 20 oz. hot, 24 oz. cold. For some reason the iced Venti cups hold four more ounces; for this reason, Venti espresso drinks have an extra shot of espresso in them, and cost a few cents more than their hot equivalents. Pronounced “VENN-tee,” and reportedly means twenty in Italian.

refreshersAnd as if that wasn’t enough….

Trenta: Starbucks now has the Trenta — a  31-ounce serving of coffee, iced teas, iced coffee and refreshers.  I can personally attest to this size – it’s my size of choice for Iced Coffeee and Refresher Passion….it is heavenly!!!

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