Caffeine Trivia 03.25.14

In 1732 coffee had become such a popular and controversial drink that Johann Sebastian Bach wrote his very humorous Coffee Cantata in which the daughter begs her father to allow her favorite vice:

“Dear father, do not be so strict! If I can’t have my little demi-tasse of coffee three times a day, I’m just like a dried up piece of roast goat!  Ah!  How sweet coffee tastes!  Lovelier than a thousand kisses, sweeter far than muscatel wine!   I must have my coffee, and if anyone wishes to please me, let him present me with – coffee!”

Personal note: A girl after my own heart….maybe I was her in a previous life!  Ha, ha!


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  1. I love, love, love your Caffenie Trivia. Wish I had it on my face book page or sent to my E-mail address. Could you arrange to send it to either of these pages? Pretty Please?? Thank you very much for being there. Jeanie/aka :

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