Caffeine Trivia 04.07.14

Give your hair a boost — Already you may be ready to dismiss this tip entirely, but coffee grounds can help your hair, especially if you are a brunette! On a cosmetic level, coffee grounds enhance the color of brown and black hair. Coffee also gives your hair added shine. By rubbing the grounds into your scalp, you can even improve skin health, helping to prevent dandruff.

So how does this work? When you are in the shower and have washed your hair, grab some used coffee grounds — it doesn’t matter if they are still wet — and rub these grounds throughout your hair. Once you have thoroughly distributed and rubbed them into your hair, rinse. It’s a good idea to do this between shampooing and conditioning to ensure that you’ve completely rid your hair of the grounds and the smell. It is also probably best to refrain from this tip if you have a very light hair color; black hair and brown hair are ideal.

You can also use coffee grounds to give your dog a shinier coat. Some have suggested that the grounds can serve as flea control. Although grounds can be used as a pest repellant in other situations, no hard evidence confirms that coffee acts as a flea repellant.


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