Caffeine Trivia 07.13.14

Why keeping coffee beans in the freezer is bad: Although freezing whole beans can be okay in some cases (like if you have more beans than you can use up in a week or two) it only works if you seal them up and freeze them once — not to be opened or removed from the freezer until you’re ready to thaw the whole batch.

Even then the quality will have taken a small hit. But opening the freezer and unsealing frozen beans every time you want a pot of coffee not only exposes the entire batch to unwanted temperature fluctuations but also damaging moisture from condensation and miscellaneous odors and flavors in the air that the coffee will absorb. The refrigerator is even worse because it’s not cold enough to significantly slow deterioration but it still has all the negative effects of condensation and ‘flavored’ air. So the takeaway here is: Avoid the refrigerator at all costs and only freeze coffee beans you aren’t planning to use anytime soon.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I am guilty of freezing coffee beans and taking some out for a pot of Coffee, thinking I was keeping my coffee beans fresh…..Oh Well.
    Thx again. Live & Learn. 🙂

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