Caffeine Trivia 08.25.14

Flat White is an espresso-based drink common in New Zealand and Australia. In making a flat-white you are essentially making a latte, but pouring less milk to start, and then placing less of the micro-foam milk on the top, hence the word “flat” in the name. Whereas a latte has about half to one inch of micro-foam on top depending on preference, a flat-white has only about 1/4 inch of micro-foam on top.

When preparing your milk for a flat-white, blend or fold the micro-foam into the rest of the milk either with a spoon or by swirling the pitcher. The milk should be velvety and wet. When making a flat white, after the milk has been steamed, let it rest for about a minute.  Just before pouring the milk into the espresso, fold the fluffy micro-foam milk that will be sitting at the top of the pitcher into the milk sitting at the bottom.  Yes, “fold”, just like when baking a cake, but not with a spatula; use a teaspoon. Or if you don’t like to use a spoon, swirl the pitcher so that the micro-foam mixes with the milk.  You should end up with milk that is rich, velvety, and wet.  Pour this into the espresso to the desired level, but bearing in mind that in a true flat-white you do not drown the espresso in milk. At the very end cap the coffee with about 1/4 inch of the micro-foam that you should find has separated from the milk.



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