Caffeine Trivia 9.07.14

Tips for Serving Coffee

Believe it or not, the cup that you serve coffee in can affect the flavor and enjoyment. Much like wine, the flavor of coffee is carried in part by the aroma, and cups that “deliver the aroma” to the nose will make your coffee taste better. So will cups that are thick enough to keep the transfer of heat from coffee to air to a minimum. Espresso is most often served in small, thick-walled cups with a gentle flare to the top for exactly that reason. The thick walls keep the coffee at the right temperature for drinking, and the slope of the cup allows the aroma of the coffee to expand.

Remove brewed coffee from the heating plate or element as soon as it’s done brewing. Leaving it on the heat keeps the coffee oils cooking until you have an undrinkable brew. Instead, if you’re not drinking it immediately, pour it into a thermal carafe to keep it hot till you’re ready for the next cup.


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