Caffeine Trivia 12.23.14

Health benefits of Coffee – #2

Caffeine in coffee can rev up the body and keep the mind alert: One of coffee’s main compounds, caffeine, does not have specific nutritional value, yet it does demonstrate medicinal properties. It is particularly helpful in keeping the mind alert and the body action-ready. Several recent studies reported the therapeutic value of coffee and caffeine for protecting against the onset of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s, which affects the mind.
Scientists now believe that caffeine can stimulate the brain cells to stimulate choline, a necessary element in making “neurotransmitters” which are greatly reduced in dementia patients. Caffeine also helps Parkinson’s patients who experience a lack of dopamine in the brain, which causes tremors and general mobility problems. The explanation for caffeine efficacy may be that it is a phytochemical (a plant-derivative chemical) and phytochemicals are well known for therapeutic, medical properties.


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