Caffeine Trivia 12.28.14

Here is some information about Single-Origin Coffee – I filed this under “who knew?” ….certainly not me!

Costa Rica – Excellent acidity creates a bright taste with a hint of smoke flavor.

Guatemala – Medium bodied with a lively acidity, very aromatic with spice and chocolate overtones.

Colombia – Smooth, well balanced acidity with a sweet flavor.

Kona – Kona coffee is grown in the Hawaiian islands and benefits from its rich volcanic soil. It is typically mild and sweet with a hint of spice.

Sumatra – Very full bodied with a slight exotic earthy taste. Slightly sweet with floral nuances.

New Guinea – Very well balanced with complex aromas. Moderate acidity and full body.

Sulawesi – Unique nutty and woody aromas add to this full bodied, complex flavored coffee.

Ethiopia – Medium bodied with a tangy and pungent liveliness and a pronounced floral aroma.

Kenya – Kenya coffee is considered by many to be the finest coffee in the world. They are wonderfully aromatic with overtones of fruit and berries.


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