Caffeine Trivia 01.10.15

Here’s how to make the perfect cup of coffee…Coffee Tip #2 – Clean Filtered Water
Coffee Fact Tip Number Two: Using filtered water to make your coffee will make sure you taste only the coffee and not the chlorine or other water chemicals that might be in regular tap water. Since coffee is mostly water, clean filtered water will ensure you always make a great cup of coffee.
Remember that coffee is really 99% water, so you want o make sure that 99% is the best that you can make it. While using tap water isn’t a bad thing, the numerous chemicals added to tap water by your local water company can dramatically change the taste of your coffee. Using bottled water is great since it’s free of chlorine, however if that seems a little on the extravagant side for you then getting one of those filters that attach to your kitchen faucet works well. Since you’ll likely use it mainly for making your coffee, the filter will last much longer then normal.
Paper coffee filters are OK if you use the brown paper type of coffee filters. For the best tasting coffee however it's best to use the reusable type stainless steel or brass colored coffee filters so your coffee flavor is smooth and clean.
Another recommendation to ensure a clean, fresh, pure coffee taste is to use either a stainless steel or gold mesh filter instead of the usual paper filters. Paper filters are OK, however there are some that can release dyes, chlorine and bleach and any of these will effect coffee taste. If you prefer using paper coffee filters then it’s best to use the brown (unbleached) paper coffee filters since they are a more natural product.


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