Caffeine Trivia 01.15.15

I have been asked again to provide some definitions of  the most popular coffee beverages:

caffe (espresso) — a small cup of very strong coffee, i.e., espresso

caffe Americano — American-style coffee, but stronger; weaker than espresso and served in a large cup

caffe doppio double espresso

caffe freddo — iced coffee

caffe Hag — decaffeinated coffee

caffe latte — hot milk mixed with coffee and served in a glass for breakfast

caffe macchiato — espresso “stained” with a drop of steamed milk: small version of a cappuccino

caffe marocchino — espresso with a dash of hot milk and cacao powder

cappuccino — espresso infused with steamed milk and drunk in the morning, but never after lunch or dinner

granita di caffe con panna — frozen, iced beverage (similar to a slush, but ice shavings make it authentic) and topped with whipped cream


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