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Caffeine Trivia 11.20.14

MAKING TURKISH COFFEE IN AN IBRIQ – Two years ago today, I was in Kusadasi, Turkey so it’s fitting that today’s trivia is on making Turkish Coffee:  Turkish Coffee (also Arab Coffee) is made in an ibriq, a small copper pot with a long handle. Two teaspoons of finely-ground coffee plus one of sugar are added to a cup of water and the mixture is brought to the boil. The ibriq is taken off the heat as it comes to the boil, usually three times, and then it is poured out and drunk. A cardamom seed is sometimes added for flavour. The drawback of this method is that boiling the coffee causes the more delicate flavors to be lost.

Turkish Coffee  Turkish Coffee



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Caffeine Trivia 11.13.13

   Can’t believe one whole year has gone by already…I was looking back at what I posted a year ago and found this…what a wonderful trip and what incredible coffee!  Here’s to memories:

This morning’s Caffeine Trivia is taking a break from my Trivia and bringing you a live update:  I have landed in Caffeine Motherlode: Italy.  I am here for four days before boarding a cruise ship that will take me on a coffee lover’s cruise…Italy, Greece and Turkey…some of the BEST coffee in the world!  And rest assured, I am up to the task of tasting and enjoying and writing about each and every cup.  Caffeine Trivia will continue while I am on my cruise but be on the lookout for my Caffeine Critiques from my Cruise!

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