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Caffeine Trivia 02.14.13

Gourmet Coffee Beans

The term “gourmet” as an adjective refers to excellent quality. Gourmet coffee beans are of being superior quality than the average coffee bean.

There are 100 coffee-growing regions across the globe. Each region produces a unique coffee bean. Gourmet coffee is often a blend of coffee beans from different regions. This produces a balance in flavor.

Proper roasting is also an important factor. The roasting process helps to develop the coffee’s aroma and flavor.


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Caffeine Trivia 2.14.13

Happy Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day!

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What a find for this Caffeine Queen…just had to reblog!

Ground to Ground

growing coffee plant

Your 7 Step Guide to Growing Coffee at Home

Although from a tropical origin, coffee plants can be grown at home with some patience and the right environment. The green beans harvested will have a longer shelf-life than the store bought version, and allow you to roast and drink on demand. Here is my seven step guide to cultivating your very own magic green beans…

Step 1: Choosing the right species
Normal drinking coffee is usually made from beans harvested from the two most common coffee species; Coffea arabica and Coffea robusta. Overall Coffea arabica is the most suitable type for at-home cultivation with a smaller, bush like stature and the ability to self-fertilise.

Step 2: Selecting high yield beans
Coffee beans have a low success rate of germination and therefore need to be sourced as fresh as is possible. With the unlikely chance of finding a coffee plantation…

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